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Three Ways to Improve Your Sales Appointment Show Rate

We all know that buyer’s remorse is common after making a large purchase such as a car or a new home. Those of us on the lead generation side of sales know there is a counterpart version of buyer’s remorse after setting an appointment. Let’s name it

The Pilots’ Secret Weapon For Business

I’ve often heard business people say their most important business lessons came from life rather than business school. Examples can come from all kinds of unexpected sources. This article is about a business lesson I learned from pilots. Pilots have a secret weapon that keeps them alive.

If Clouseau Was A Sales Rep

This is a true sales story, a case study of what not to do in sales. In this true sales story, we were on the buying side for a change, an interesting experience of role reversal since what we do all day is generate B2B sales leads

Sales Lessons Learned from My ENT

You’re not going to “sell” anybody. That was the very first sentence out of the sales trainer’s mouth on my very first day of sales training.  With brows furrowed, a few mouths fell open…I mean, weren’t we here to learn how to sell? He wanted to get

I Can See Clearly Now the Commute Is Gone

In this interview, Omar, a Remote Lead Generation Specialist with TeleReach Corporate, reflects on his past life in the rat race, commuting not just into “a city,” but into “the city,” the “Big Apple” for work, contrasted with working from home in the present. I wonder what

The Artistry of Business

When we think of creativity, most people think of music or art, but not necessarily business. Business, however, can provide fertile ground for creativity.

Morphing of the Gatekeepers

Traditionally, a gatekeeper is a person who controls access to someone who is a decision maker. Perhaps the concept evolved from ancient times, when gatekeepers were people, large scary souls who played a key role in keeping order and security in society by keeping the ‘bad people’ out.

Home is Where the Internet Is

Melanie works hard to keep up with her 91-year-old dad. He loves to travel but Melanie has it all figured out. She has a portable job so she just takes her job on the road and they go. Melanie has a physical home office in the great

Cold-Callers: Superheroes of Business

Sales are the music of business. The business body comes alive, moving to the rhythm of sales music. Jobs are created. The wheels of commerce turn. Sales gets the party started, catalyzing all else and curing all things. One sale begets another and another. And the beat

Who’s in The Mirror?

By looking into the mirror on the wall in her home office, Danielle can see “who’s in the mirror,” a useful assessment that helps her to be successful in her role making outbound cold calls to businesses to set sales appointments. Danielle explains, “The mirror reflects what

On the Unreliability of Leprechauns

Remember the day you caught all the green lights, got all the up-front parking spaces and crowned the day by winning the lottery? Right. Me neither. No offense to Leprechauns, but where is the Leprechaun when you really need him? They are notoriously unreliable. This article discusses

At Last, A Real Daytime Job from Home

In 2003, Alice had been praying for two years to find a real day time job working from home. In those days, working from home wasn’t much of a trend, but Alice had met someone who had a real job working from home. She knew it was

The Heart and Soul of Mission Control – Working from Home

Juno puts her heart and soul into everything she does. That’s the abiding theme that came through in the interview with Juno. Juno has the personality of a beautiful free spirit, and at the same time, she understands the benefit of systems and routine. At first glance,

Shake It Off – Working from Home

Leslie, in northern Mississippi, makes cold calls to set sales appointments while working from her home office. Leslie shared with us some of the practical ways she is able to ‘shake it off’ and quickly get her groove back whenever she encounters someone who is snarky and

Tone on the Phone – Our Counterpart to Body Language

“Don’t look at me in that tone of voice,” a brilliant Dorothy Parker quote. Tone is so powerful, and like electricity, it can build or destroy. Tone on the phone is the virtual equivalent of what we traditionally refer to as the way a person carries himself

Lean on Us – Your Work from Home Support System

Isolation and loneliness are common invaders of our work from home way of life, but they are more like stealthy infiltrators than they are blatant, barefaced attackers. These unwelcome intruders sometimes show up with their friends, distractions, lack of motivation, burnout, monotony and loss of productivity. Having

One Call Close – The Myth. The Ideal. The Plan.

Over the years, I’ve noticed a commonly held belief that most sales appointments get booked in one phone call – a one call close. That’s the myth. It would be wonderful if all appointments got booked in one call. That’s the ideal. The reality is that a

Win the Time Lottery – Working from Home

Time is the ultimate currency. Working from home can give you your life back so that you have more time to do the things you want to do. Having more disposable time is like winning the time lottery. Disposable time is to time as disposable income is

Symbolic Surplus and the Sales Pipeline

February 12 began the Lunar New Year for 2021 for a fifteen-day celebration ending February 26. Happy New Year as we enter the Year of the Ox! One of the traditional New Year lucky foods is to eat fish, but not all of the fish, to symbolize

A View From The New – Brand New to Working from Home

Rae is brand new to working from home and also new to the career of business to business lead generation. It’s great to get a view from someone new so we sat down with Rae and learned more about her journey, “I started out as a nurse.

How To Fall In Love With The Unlovable Aspects Of Working From Home

At TeleReach Corporate we’re so in love with the freedom of working from home, we’re willing to fight the unlovable dark side of working from home. We’re rebels….with a hot cause…. and we’re winning. We’re on the side of freedom from the rat race, a freedom and

Six Figure Pomodoros

Kevin recently broke our virtual call center’s weekly production record for setting busines to business sales appointments, so we sat down with Kevin and asked the question everyone’s been asking, “Kevin, what’s your secret?” Kevin’s answer, “Pomodoros”. The Pomodoro Technique is a time management method developed by

Top 10 Best Blog Posts from 2020 – Best of Our Blogs about Working from Home

Here’s the countdown of the best blog articles posted on our careers website in 2020. Our blog posts include a wide variety of topics that are of interest to people who have or who are considering a career in sales, lead generation, sales appointment setting, cold calling,

Is Calling Your Calling?

No prior sales experience? This article may change the way you think about not having sales experience. An interesting fact is that some of the top producers here actually had no prior sales or cold calling experience. They are successful because they came here with qualities more

Get the T on Performance Based Pay

One of the most frequently asked questions we hear is, “Is this a straight commission job?” Our performance-based pay is a cousin to sales commissions but not exactly the same. Straight commission implies a sale and we do not close sales. We generate leads and then hand

Authentic “All In” Commitment

“At the moment of commitment, the entire universe conspires to assist you.” This is a quote by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. It resonates with the same timeless truth as when it was written in the 1700s. There’s a difference between making a decision, making a commitment and

Growing Up with a Work from Home Parent – A Child’s Perspective

The work-from-home movement has been around long enough now that there is an entire generation of adult children who grew up with parents working from home. In this interview, we spoke with two generations, the parent who has been working from home with the same company for

Dos and Don’ts of a Virtual Job Interview

Dos and Don’ts of the Virtual Job Interview by Tracie Chancellor Job interviews have been around since the days of Fred Flintstone, even before Thomas Edison invented the modern job interview in 1921 however, the virtual job interview is something relatively new in time. This article probes

Home Office Hoarders Nightmare- DIY Home Office Common Sense Feng Shui

You probably know, or have heard of Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese practice that seeks to promote prosperity and well-being by harmonizing individuals with their surroundings to stimulate the flow of Qi, or positive energy. Feng Shui translated literally means wind and water. This article is not

Flexibility is a Four-Letter Word

Flexibility – two ends of the same stick. What is the best thing about working from home? Flexibility. What is the worst thing about working from home? Flexibility. Our greatest strengths and our greatest weaknesses are usually two ends of the same stick. That is the case

Book Quest – The Search Continues

We love a good success book. Our book list grows steadily each year. We are on a quest. Our search continues to identify books which meet some very specific criteria, books we can add to our tailor-made sales book bucket list. We hope that you can help.

Kids At The Call Center

Amy used to go to a call center to work, but now the call center comes to Amy. Amy’s family lives in the country, in the rural area of the beautiful Hudson Valley in New York. They have goats, ducks, chickens, pigs, plus a dog, cat, a

Give It to The Busiest Person You Know – When It Absolutely Has to Get Done

Have you ever heard the expression, when it absolutely has to get done, give it to the busiest person you know? At first glance, that statement seems counterintuitive, however, the reality is that it’s a universal truth, regardless of whether the productivity is related to business, school,

We Are Family – Working from Home

Susan lives in the great state of Georgia, in the Atlanta area, and describes her ten years with TeleReach Corporate as working in a company with a corporate culture of being a family.  “We are a virtual company and are casual in a way that you just

When the Weather Outside is Frightful, Working From Home is Delightful

Black ice is frightful, and a compelling two-word commercial for working from home. “It was a miracle. My husband walked away from the crash when his pick-up truck took a nose dive into a steep embankment due to a patch of black ice. His truck was totaled,

The Naming of the Year 2021

The naming of the year is a long-standing tradition with TeleReach Corporate which we began around the turn of the millennium. Often, I have said that I do not choose the name of the year. The name of the year chooses me, or more precisely, the name

Living in Vacationland – Working from Home

How do you work and make a living in a place everybody goes to for vacation? The Great State of Maine is noted for more moose per capita than any other state but home to only a million and a half people. A vacationer’s love story, Maine

Lake Living – Working From Home With a View

Dianna kissed the Austin traffic goodbye and replaced it with a firepit overlooking the lake. Now her steps are few to commute to her home office. Known simply as Nana to the many grandchildren and great-grandchildren underfoot, this energetic former programmer juggles a busy family life and

Wisdom of Veteran Cold Callers

What do you know now that you wish you knew when you began your career as a business to business appointment setter? That was the question we polled veteran cold callers to answer on a TeleReach Corporate Virtual Lunch & Earn. We all work from home since

Think You’re Too Jurassic to Start a New Career?

Hey -Yo mama so old Jurassic Park brought back memories. Yes, I’ve heard the “old people” jokes because sometimes they’re about me! Some of us are late bloomers. I didn’t become a mom until I was 46, so I’m pretty used to winning the oldest mom in

On a Mountain – Working from Home

“All I need is good internet and I could live on a mountain like Jeremiah Johnson, and work from home,” we used to say as a joke, until we met Peggy, who actually lived on a mountain in Vermont. Peggy is living proof that people can literally

10 Thou Shalt Nots of Cold Calling

You’ve worked hard to gain knowledge about your service or product. You come across as genuine and authentic because you are genuine and authentic. You believe in your market. You believe in your service or product. You believe in your mission to help businesses improve their business

Top Dumb Cold Calling Mistakes

This is a summary of one of our Lunch & Earns on the topic – Dumb Mistakes I Don’t Make Anymore. This Lunch & Earn was conducted in a “round robin” format with multiple participants experienced in the role of cold calling to set sales appointments. Our

Naturally Unnatural Morning People – Working from Home

Mark Twain said, “The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” Certainly, the business world takes “early to rise” very seriously, intensely so. The “early to rise” wheels were set in motion a long time before any of us were born. Just guessing, it probably started whenever

How to Make Dinner in Less Than 30 Minutes – Tips for Working from Home

Unless cooking actually is your work from home job, it is important to find ways to enjoy yummy, healthy food without making a career out of being a chef, at least during the work week. The operative word in working from home is work. Even though we

Paws Across Your Home Office

If you’re thinking of working from home instead of driving to an office, there are many benefits to consider. At first, you might think of how much money you will save on gas or how much time you will save on your commute. You might think about

The Boss Looking Over Your Shoulder is You

In a culture of self-management, the boss looking over your shoulder is you. Self-management is the ability to plan, direct and control your own efforts. There are many work environments in which the ability to self-manage is vital to success, and our work from home job is

What Would Aristotle Say About Autopilot Cooking – While Working from Home?

Have you ever thought how effortless it looks to watch Olympic ice skaters glide across the ice? It looks effortless but we know it takes years of dedicated practice. Work life balance in concept is effortless to understand, however, if you have been working from home for

Virtual World History Made

Virtual world history was made on October 30, 2015 with the first time ever virtual fall festival, complete with a costume parade. Who says you need a building, or a parking lot to have a festival? We had games, prizes, costumes and of course, cauldrons of fun.

Who Ya Gonna Call? Myth Busters! I Ain’t Afraid of No Myth!

There are a lot of sales myths floating around out there that do not serve us, such as only extroverts are good at sales and cold calling is dead. Neither of these are true. So, we periodically run a contest called Myth Buster. We need not spend

Dorothy Knew, There’s No Place Like Working from Home

After experiencing the Houston traffic, it’s easy to understand why Dorothy knew, there’s no place like home. The Houston traffic is chock full of dangers. Our recurring flood waters have brought us international fame, however, we also have all the other usual traffic frights of a big

How to Make Dinner in Less Than 30 Minutes – Tips for Working from Home

Unless cooking actually is your work from home job, it is important to find ways to enjoy yummy, healthy food without making a career out of being a chef, at least during the work week. The operative word in working from home is work. Even though we

Work from Home School Success Story – A Mom’s Victory

“Teaching kids to count is fine but teaching them what counts is best.” —Bob Talbert Homeschooling today is more popular than ever before, but not necessarily out of choice. COVID changed the trajectory for parents and children around the country, with millions of families becoming homeschooling families whether or not

Anatomy of an Exceptional Day

As a sales organization, we are continually running contests and themes, and one of those was for our Business Development Specialists to pick from one of three options, a choice of 1) My Best Appointment Day 2) My Best Appointment Week or 3) My Best Appointment. That

Rural Workers, the Original Remote Workers

Almost everybody used to work from home in the U.S. because we evolved as a nation from an agrarian society. Remnants are evident in many ways, such as the school year, which was originally determined by when it was time to plant and harvest the crops. So

A Job for the Sandwich Generation- Working from Home

Working from home is a great solution for many families, and especially members of the Sandwich Generation. The Sandwich Generation is a group of people responsible for bringing up their own children and at the same time, caring for their aging parents. This is a subject near

How David Saved His Grandbabies Working from Home

This is the story of a thoroughly modern Baby Boomer, David, aka DaDa (pronounced Day-Day), who is a stay at home, work from home, and all around cool Mr. Grandad. DaDa raises his young elementary school age grandbabies while simultaneously bringing home the bacon—from home. Working from

The Rush Hour Commute to Your Home Office

Do you get stuck in rush hour traffic on your commute to your home office? Sometimes a commute to work of 20 feet can be a longer, harder road to travel than a commute of 20 miles. Veteran work from homers (WFHers) know that working from home

Moving with Marilyn’s Portable Job – Livin’ the Dream

Most people only dream of the advantages and conveniences of a portable, work from home job, but Marilyn has been living that dream since early 2013, and in a big way. In seven years, she has moved roughly fourteen times for a combination of family reasons and

Needy Coworkers? Your Work from Home Coworkers aka Your Pets

Social neediness has changed. Remember back in the olden days – that would be March for some, when you worked in a traditional office? At least once a day you spotted a chatty coworker headed your way down the hall and you thought, “quick, hide, shut the

The Deeper Why – People Want to Work from Home

Each person has their own set of circumstances that motivate them to want to work from home. Some people need to work from home, and some people want to work from home. There are the surface reasons people give, such as in a job interview, and then

Appointment Setting –The Swiss Army Knife Tool for Sales Leadership and Self Leadership

Appointment setting is the Swiss Army Knife of tools for both business life and personal life. It’s portable, useful, multifunctional, and adapts well whether you are working from home or in a skyscraper. That’s what this article is about, the concept of appointment setting as a tool,

Fringe Benefits of a Career in Cold Calling, Appointment Setting

If you are thinking about taking on a cold calling job—whether you will work from home or from an office—there are some amazingly useful “fringe benefits.” Skills acquired to be a successful business to business cold caller and sales appointment setter come in handy in so many

Affirmations for Cold Calling

It is widely held by spiritual masters, scientists, and many highly successful individuals that affirmations, or positive self-talk, are an invaluable tool to visualize and  achieve success in any aspect of life. Affirmations declare what you want to be true as if it were already true and

The 147 Word “Sales Pitch” that Saved the Western World from Tyranny

In late May of 1940, with WWII spreading from country to country across Europe, a crisis that would determine the fate of Europe, and ultimately that of the United States as well, was emerging in the British parliament. Winston Churchill had been elected Prime Minister just three

A “12 Step” Program for Work From Home Cold Calling Appointment Setters

Zig Ziglar said, “Selling is the highest paid hard work and the lowest paid easy work there is.” Some salespeople approach their work with the attitude that showing up is 90% of the job.  While that may be true for some things, it is not the path

Cold Calling and Appointment Setting Jobs

Cold Calling and Appointment Setting Jobs By Tracie Chancellor If you are considering applying for a work from home job, have you considered cold calling and appointment setting jobs? Some employers hire callers who work from home to connect businesses to each other via telephone where the

Establishing Boundries: Mastering Working From Home

Mastering Working From Home: Establishing Boundaries By Tracie Chancellor “Establishing Boundaries” was the focus of a recent Lunch & Learn at TeleReach Corporate, and the meeting was quite popular with everyone on the call.  It seems that just about everyone, at one time or another, have had

How to Pick a Good Work From Home Job

How to Pick a Good Work From Home Job By Tracie Chancellor Making the switch to a work from home job is advantageous for a number of reasons, but the job-seeker will do him or her self a big favor if they will expend the extra effort

How Work From Home Jobs Work

How Work From Home Jobs Work By Tracie Chancellor For individuals considering a career transition away from the corporate office environment, it is important to know how to work from home jobs work before taking the leap. Many of the skill sets and ground rules will remain

What are the Different Types of Jobs for Working From Home?

By Tracie Chancellor If spending hours in a daily commute has you feeling like there must be more to life, it may be time to explore the different types of jobs which allow you to work from home. In years past, work from home opportunities were few

Selling the Sizzle, Not the Steak, Still Works

In the 1950’s a salesman named Elmer Wheeler coined the phrase “Sell the sizzle, not the steak,” and anyone looking for sales jobs today certainly needs to understand what he meant by it—especially if you are wanting to work from home in sales. Why is “selling the

Why Working From Home Is Like Joining A Gym

By Tracie Chancellor   Easier Said Than Done Working from home is one of those things easier said than done. I often use the analogy of gym membership. Do you know anyone who has signed up for a gym membership but then never actually darkened the door