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How Are You Paid?

As a TeleReach Corporate Lead Generation Specialist, you have the potential to earn a six-figure annual income. We reward for productivity and skill. Our goal is to maintain the highest pay in the industry.

Compensation is calculated bi-weekly

A TeleReach Corporate Lead Generation Specialist is classified as an independent contractor and receives a form 1099 at the end of the year. As such, if you are hired, you will be responsible your own taxes and deductions as well as, purchasing your own home office equipment.

Incentives and Opportunities

There are a variety of additional ways you can make more money including bonuses, incentives and contest pay, after meeting weekly minimum requirements. We also have a referral bonus program.

You create your own opportunities within TeleReach Corporate. Appointment-setting is the heart of our business model, and as a Lead Generation Specialist, you play an important role. We have a long tradition of hiring from with for those who seek management positions.


At TeleReach Corporate, we rely on the ability to create and sustain a culture of self-management. We hire people who enjoy telecommuting. We have multiple industry standard procedures that help our team succeed. In additon there are minimum production and dial requirements.


Our schedules are based on one fundamental point, peak times drive peak results. In general, decision-makers are reachable from 8 – 5, M – F.  There are variations of peak dialing time depending on the target market, time zone and the industry vertical related to your account assignments.

Top earners sync their dial time with peak availablity times for their account assignments. They also rotate their dial time during the workday according to the reachability of the respective target audience. Results are rewarded.

Because we specialize in business to business calls, we work primarily in daytime hours.

Benefits of Telecommuting

Telecommuting is an idea whose time has come. More and more companies are beginning to embrace the idea of telecommuting, allowing team members to have greater flexibility and experience more work/life integration.

Benefits of telecommuting include:

  • Gaining a better work/life balance
  • Avoiding stressful commutes
  • Being more productive
  • Having less distractions
  • Spending more time with family
  • Being more environmentally friendly
  • Improving your health
  • Savings in a varitey of ways such as gas or wear and tear on your vehicle