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Q. Are your callers like the rude people that call me at home?

A. TeleReach has a trained staff of Producers with excellent communication skills and experience. They are mature, often college educated, and many are retired business veterans.

Q. How many years have you been in business?

A. TeleReach was formed in 1996. The owner, Tracie Chancellor, was active in business to business marketing and appointment setting for many years prior to founding TeleReach Corporate.

Q. How do you charge for your services?

A. TeleReach charges for each hour of calling with a minimum of 100 hours per month. The rate per hour varies depending on the purpose of the call, the difficulty reaching the prospective party and the level of knowledge needed to communicate to the prospect.

Q. If my company hired TeleReach to set confirmed appointments for our sales people, how many appointments could you usually provide per 100 hours of calling?

A. For technology and professional services clients, TeleReach sets between 10 and 30 appointments per 100 hours of calling. For clients that provide basic products and services, TeleReach sets between 30 and 200 appointments per 100 hours of calling. The appointment rate depends on; (1.) The quality of the list; (2.) The script or offer; and (3.) The difficulty encountered when trying to reach the decision maker.

Q. Do you have experience in calling for my industry, product or service?

A. TeleReach’s trained Producers utilize a proprietary methodology that enables them to successfully call all industries and executive, professional, white collar or industrial personnel.

Q. Can your Producers effectively work with high level technology products or services?

A. At present, TeleReach is successfully calling for many technology and telecommunication based clients.