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Frequently Asked Questions: About TeleReach Corporate

Q. How many years have you been in business?

A. TeleReach Corporate was formed in 1996. The founder and CEO, Tracie Chancellor was active in business to business marketing and sales appointment setting prior to founding TeleReach Corporate.

Q. What do you specialize in?

A. TeleReach specializes in providing B2B telephone marketing services in support of a client’s sales team’s efforts. TeleReach’s suite of services are built around the core services of executive appointment setting and lead generation.

Q. Do you call internationally or just domestically?

A. TeleReach regularly calls English speaking countries.

Q. Can I pick the people who work on my account?

A. We assign people to specific accounts based upon their experience and current calling workload. As a part of our standard quality process, completed call sound files are automatically sent to clients for review.


Q. Do you call consumers or just B2B?

A. TeleReach is a B2B telephone marketing company. We only make outbound calls to executives and decision makers at businesses and organizations.


Q. Do you commit to calling quotas?

A. Yes, we commit to quotas, based on calling hours targeted to specific campaign goals after benchmarking in the pilot.


Q. How do I get notified of the appointments?

A. You are notified of appointments in four ways: (1) copied on the appointment confirmation email that is sent to the prospect; (2) a lead distribution template about the prospect with the sound file; (3) a recap of the appointments in the weekly client report; (4) if we have access, it is entered on the client’s calendar.


Q. Can I hear the call recordings?

A. Yes, call recorded sound files of completed calls are automatically sent to clients.


Q. How do I know what you’ve worked on?

A. Your TeleReach Client Advocate will provide daily reports of priority items and weekly, batched reports with the entire database of work and a summary that include hours towards budget status, appointments set, and list records.

Q. How do you know when to book my appointments?

A. Your TeleReach Client Advocate will coordinate with you to identify and track appointment times available and appointments confirmed. There are several options for calendar management. In the best case, we have access to and can post directly into the client’s calendar.

FAQ: About TeleReach Lead Generation Specialists

Q. Are your callers like the rude people that call me at home?

A. TeleReach has a trained staff of Lead Generation Specialists who we identify as Producers. Our Producers have excellent communication skills and relevant business experience. Many of them are retired business veterans.

Q. Where are your people located?

A. All TeleReach Producers are located within the United States. Many are college educated and have relevant business experience.

Q. What if I don’t like the people who work on my account?

A. TeleReach assigns Producers based upon their experience and available calling hours. Lead Generation Specialists are directly supervised by TeleReach managers who report to and interface with clients. We consider client concerns in assigning Producers with appropriate knowledge and experience.

FAQ: About How TeleReach Works

Q. How do you charge for your services?

A. Each proposal is tailored to the client’s needs and objectives. Our flexible budget options consider results to be obtained, such as appointments set, leads generated, or survey information acquired. As each client is unique, each proposal is unique. We have low minimum billing requirements and billing schedules can be set as weekly or monthly.

Q. When my company hires TeleReach to set sales appointments to support our sales people, how many appointments could you usually provide?

A. Expectations for the number of appointments vary significantly by industry and client strategies employed. Success in setting appointments depends on: (1) the quality of the list; (2) the script and appeal of the offer; (3) the size and type of the company, and (4) the title or role of the decision maker. During the pilot, benchmarks are set for the program.

Q. Where do you get your call lists?

A. Many times clients provide lists of customers and prospects. Additionally, TeleReach has access to, and can purchase lists for many industries or market segments.

Q. Who creates the call script?

A. Creating a script approach is a team effort with the client. TeleReach Client Advocates work closely with clients utilizing a proven methodology and have extensive experience in developing efficient, productive calling scripts. As a part of the process to implement outbound calling programs, TeleReach often uses quizzes and role playing exercises. By the time of the kickoff meeting, each script approach has been thoroughly vetted.

Q. How often do I get reports?

A. Typically, client Activity and Summary reports are provided every week. These reports show hours called against budget and appointments set. If required and budgeted, daily reports can be provided.,

Q. How do we get started?

A. After TeleReach is hired, a Setup meeting is conducted to discuss and agree on goals, expectations, strategies and budgets. Following this, a Kickoff meeting is conducted to plan and conduct a pilot. After the pilot results are evaluated, ongoing calling begins.

Q. How long will the calling list last?

A. The ability of a list to be used year round is determined by the size of the list (in proportion to the budget) and quality of the list data. Weekly reports show the list error factor, list penetration, and the number of remaining workable leads.

Q. How many people will be calling on my account?

A. The number of Lead Generation Specialists assigned to an account is based upon the calling hours budgeted and the size and rated quality of the list.

Q. Do you have experience in calling for my industry, product or service?

A. TeleReach has extensive experience across a broad range of B2B industries. We utilize a proprietary methodology that focuses the script on the client’s sales strategy and offering. Our processes and training methodology enable our Producers to develop an industry related information base to successfully call a wide variety of industries at all levels of decision makers.


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