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Drive Your Sales With Telephone
Marketing Services

Lead Generation, Appointment Setting and Information Gathering Services To Drive Your Sales

TeleReach Corporate specializes in driving B2B companies to dramatically improve the performance of their sales teams by utilizing a combination of telephone marketing and productivity based tools. Since 1996, our business development, appointment setting, lead generation and information gathering services have helped companies increase their sales and grow their businesses.

TeleReach offers a suite of telephone marketing services, each designed to support the client’s sales team and built around the core services of Appointment Setting and Lead Generation. These services can be contracted as an integrated package, or on an individual, as-needed basis and are delivered by our trained and experienced team of telephone marketing professionals we identify as ‘Producers’ because their focus and goal is not just to call, but to produce actual, quantifiable results from those calls.

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Technology + Process + Training = Results

TeleReach Producers utilize industry leading software and extensive training to deliver a range of sales support services for TeleReach clients across a broad spectrum of B2B industries.

By outsourcing cold calling to TeleReach, outside sales teams increase their direct selling time with clients and prospects. As a result, they spend more time engaging with and selling to qualified prospects, and less time unproductively chasing prospects and pursuing marginal sales leads.

TeleReach can furnish a client’s outside sales force with a consistent, sustainable pipeline of qualified sales leads and appointments provided by the professional appointment setting and lead generating services, resulting in an increase in revenue.

Core Services

Comprehensive B2B Telephone Marketing Services

Sales Appointment Setting

Identifying decision makers, qualifying and scheduling sales appointments

Lead Generation

Identifying decision makers, qualifying and emailing information to confirm an agreement to receive a sales call

Live Sales Call Transfers

Identifying decision makers, qualifying and immediately transferring live calls directly to your sales people

Information Gathering

Gathering information for enhanced sales profiles, customer satisfaction or market trends, and Smart Lists


Collect valuable information on customer and prospect attitudes and opinions or current business processes

Event Support

Engage prospects in your event and drive attendance

Call Behind Direct Mail

Increase the effectiveness of direct mail by direct phone contact and engagement

Call Behind Email Blasts

Accelerate the sales cycle by increasing the effectiveness of email through direct phone contact and engagement prioritizing clicks and opens
Call clicks and opens to generate leads and appointments
Call to update bad emails and generate leads and appointments

List Development Services

Calling Lists

Start with direct lines, mobile phones, specific titles to accelerate the sales cycle, ROI and improve cost per sales appointment

Email Lists

Expand email lists and increase open and click through rates

Direct Mail Lists

Target specific titles, pinpoint geography, integrate email marketing with mail campaigns

List Appending

Add or update missing data to existing phone, mail, email, inactive customer or customer lists

Smart List Program – Updating Old Data

Correct list errors with a phone call or obtain or verify data such as decision maker name, title, email, website and other information

Sales Team Support Services

Email Blasts

Send email blasts and provide reports on detail of email blast completion

Confirm by Phone

Reduce missed appointments

Confirm by Email

Send calendar invites to confirm scheduled meetings
Forward accept and decline notices

Reschedule Appointments

Reduce missed appointments by rescheduling and confirming

Scheduling Next Step Appointments

Reduce missed opportunities by scheduling and confirming next step in sales process

Event Reminder Calls

Increase attendance using timely, scheduled reminder calls


LinkedIn Lead Generation

Integrating LinkedIn to generate qualified leads can shorten sales cycles and increase close rations.


A video can bring together your elevator pitch, website and marketing collateral to clearly explain your value proposition and engage a prospect.

Core Telemarketing Services

TeleReach’s suite of services are built around and designed to support the core services
of Sales Appointment Setting and Lead Generation

Sales Appointment Setting

The TeleReach B2B Producers are experts at identifying and qualifying decision makers, then scheduling high quality B2B appointments that produce new sales opportunities. Our articulate, experienced telemarketing professionals are trained in engaging executive level decision-makers in a meaningful dialogue about our clients’ products or services…all with the goal of qualifying the lead and setting an appointment for the sales team.

Utilizing the agreed upon criteria, questions and calling script, TeleReach Producers engage the prospect to guide the conversation to qualify sales opportunities.

We understand that the real potential of a sales appointment is dependent upon the quality of the prospect. To generate qualified sales leads we accurately identify the decision maker, verify their purchasing influence, authority and potential need for the client’s products or services. Components of this process can include industry and client specific issues. Throughout the program, TeleReach verifies sales appointments through sound files and emails.

B2B Lead Generation

The difference between lead generation and appointment setting programs is that a lead generation program identifies decision makers, then contacts and qualifies each prospect, but stops short of setting an appointment. In both cases, the goal is to support the client’s sales force and drive actual sales.

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