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Drive Your Sales With
Telephone Marketing Services

TeleReach offers a suite of telephone marketing services which can be contracted on an individual basis, or as an integrated package. These include:

Telephone Marketing Services:

  • Sales Appointment Setting
    • Includes: Video, Web Demo, Phone, Physical
  • Lead Generation
  • Live Sales Call Transfers
  • Information Gathering
  • Surveys
  • Event Support
  • Call Behind Direct Mail
  • Call Behind Email Blasts

List Development Services:

  • Calling Lists
  • Email Lists
  • List Appending
  • Smart List Program – Updating Old Data

Sales Support Services:

  • Email Blasts
  • Confirm by Phone
  • Confirm by Outlook
  • Rescheduling Appointments
  • Scheduling Next Step Appointments
  • Event Reminder Calls

Telephone Marketing Services:

Sales Appointment Setting

Includes: Video, Web Demo, Phone, Physical

Lead Generation

Live Sales Call Transfers

Information Gathering


Event Support

Call Behind Direct Mail

Call Behind Email Blasts

List Development Services:

Calling Lists

Email Lists

List Appending

Smart List Program – Updating Old Data

Sales Support Services:

Email Blasts

Confirm by Phone

Confirm by Outlook

Rescheduling Appointments

Scheduling Next Step Appointments

Event Reminder Calls

Who Do We Call?

TeleReach Lead Generation Specialists can contact prospects at every level in a business. They are trained to comfortably communicate and build relationships on behalf of TeleReach clients. Frequently, for leads, appointments or information, we have successfully called:

  • CEOs, CFOs, CTOs, COOs, CIOs
  • Business Owners
  • Marketing Directors
  • Sales Managers
  • General Managers
  • Presidents
  • IT Managers
  • Vice Presidents Manufacturing
  • HR Managers
  • Production Managers
  • Maintenance Managers
  • Facilities Managers
  • Plant Managers
  • Property Managers

Why Outsource Sales Cold Calling?

Many sales and marketing executives have realized the real, bottom line cost of having their sales teams waste their time identifying, qualifying, and finally, contacting key decision makers.

Below is information on several of TeleReach’s telephone marketing services.

In contrast, outsourcing cold calling for appointment setting and marketing program support has been shown to be dramatically more effective and cost efficient. TeleReach’s telephone marketing services free a client’s sales team to do what they do best – use their knowledge, presentations, negotiating, and closing skills – to sell. Although always true, this has become even more important as many prospective decisionmakers are now working from home and are harder to contact.

Adding to this, surveys show that overwhelmingly, because outside salespeople hate or dislike telephone cold calling, they do it poorly, wasting their time and driving up unproductive sales costs. This often adds to sales force turnover, requiring time consuming recruiting, onboarding and training…another way valuable resources are wasted.

By outsourcing the cold calling to TeleReach, outside sales teams increase their direct selling time with potential clients. As a result, they spend more time engaging with and selling to qualified prospects, and less time unproductively chasing prospects and pursuing marginal sales leads. TeleReach can furnish the client’s outside sales force with a consistent, sustainable pipeline of qualified sales leads and appointments provided by the professional appointment setters, resulting in an increase in revenue.

Executive-Level Appointment Setting

The TeleReach B2B callers are experts at qualifying and setting highly qualified B2B appointments that produce new sales opportunities. Our articulate, experienced telemarketing professionals are trained in engaging executive-level decision-makers in a meaningful dialogue about our clients’ products or services with the goal of qualifying the lead and setting an appointment for the sales team.

Utilizing agreed upon criteria and questions, TeleReach callers lead the prospect’s conversation to determine needs, goals, and client issues that drive sales opportunities.

We understand that the real potential of a sales appointment is dependent upon the quality of the prospect. To generate highly qualified sales leads we accurately identify the decision maker, verify their purchasing influence and authority, then identify their actual expressed interest/need for the client’s solutions. Components of this process include corroborating a budget to purchase the particular product or service solution, establishing the buying timeframe, and identifying the competition. Throughout the program, TeleReach delivers confirmed sales appointments with qualified prospects.

B2B Lead Generation

The difference between a lead generation and appointment setting is that lead generation program contacts and qualifies each prospect, but stops short of setting an appointment. Some clients, especially those involved in a complex sale that requires extensive knowledge of the industry, prefer a two-step process. In that case, TeleReach callers will first qualify the lead, then have an additional, in-depth business discussion to qualify the lead more thoroughly before actually setting a qualified appointment. In both cases, the goal is to support the client’s sales force and drive actual sales.

Why Survey?

Information is power. Selling in an information vacuum is like shooting blindly in the dark. Knowing how your customers value your products, services and quality will allow your sales and marketing teams to effectively and productively act on the information received.

Information gained from a TeleReach survey can help you turn prospects into customers and customers into repeat purchasing, brand-loyal fans.

Types Of Surveys

Important customer information can be gained from surveys. This information can be a vital resource in guiding and shaping branding programs, product and sales messaging, and even product development…all of which can help drive sales. Surveys can take different forms – mail, face-to-face, online, or telephone:

Postal Survey – most useful when seeking the views of a large number of individuals

Online Survey – typically the least expensive method of gathering views but often has low response rates, likely because of the sheer volume of digital communications

Face-to-Face Surveys – an expensive option, usually involving detailed conversations

Telephone-based Survey – a personalized, less costly approach that typically generates a higher response rate

In addition to cost and response advantages, telephone marketing surveys also offer the advantages of speed, interactivity and fluidity.

In developing a telephone marketing survey, objectives can include determining the opinion of your customers on a wide variety of topics, including:

Measuring satisfaction with your (or your competitors’)

Product performance or quality

Product or service pricing

Desired service improvements…and more

TeleReach callers have successfully completed hundreds of surveys for clients across a broad range of industries. While the goals and prospects may have differed, in each case valuable information was obtained that helped the clients better understand their markets.

Survey For Customer Feedback

A customer buys once, a brand loyal fan will not only buy several times, but may also recommend to his or her network of contacts, producing incremental sales. To help turn a customer into a brand fan, it is essential to get user feedback.

User feedback can be a valuable information source for any company. Knowing the opinions of users can help evolve your business to direct, focus and evolve your products and services, changing and enhancing, according to the experiences and evaluations of those surveyed.

By maintaining a proactive attitude with brand fans you can build long lasting relationships utilizing first-hand feedback on your product, service or treatment received.

In looking to get the optimum benefits from customer satisfaction surveys it is important to select and segment the right survey audience segments. These can include and range from prospects to new users to occasional users to long term, repeat users.

To enable easy analysis of responses in telemarketing surveys, it is usually preferable to ask more quantitative questions, with only a few qualitative questions. The quantifiable questions allow for projections, the qualitative provide directional guidance.

A survey conducted and outsourced through TeleReach Corporate will help you gather the information to make more accurate, effective, and productive decisions driving your sales team to generate more productive, more time efficient results.


Every telephone marketing program, and especially Lead Generation and Appointment Setting efforts, are critically dependent on the quality of the prospect source list. A ‘dumb’ list, one with incomplete, incorrect, or outdated information can hamstring a telephone marketing effort.

Unfortunately, many firms undertake a telephone marketing effort with prospect lists that have been either hastily assembled or neglected over time. The inaccuracy of such information reflects the growing mobility of key decisionmakers…just the people your telemarketing effort seeks to reach.

A TeleReach SmartList can supercharge your sales efforts. Using proven research methods, TeleReach can add the vital contact and profile information specifically relating to your business’ products and services sales efforts. That information turns a dumb list into a SmartList, one that can produce results for your sales team.

Experience shows that the better and more fully you know your prospects, the more efficiently and effectively you can contact, engage, and turn them into customers.

For an analysis of the quality of your prospect list and SmartList proposal, contact Tracie Chancellor at traciewc@telereach.com.

Event Support

Even before the current health crisis, many companies had realized that telephone marketing for event promotions could be highly effective. Utilizing prospect cold calling could cost effectively drive attendance and participation at company or industry events.

Have an upcoming event?

With so much going on now at work, school, and in their personal and social media lives, it can be hard for many people to commit – or even remember – to attend your event…or even to register.

What are your options?

There are a variety of options to reach and engage your target audience in your event. These typically include:

Mailing postcards or flyers

Setting up e-mail marketing campaigns

Utilizing social media marketing


Telemarketing for Event Promotion

While postcards, email, and social media marketing have been the preferred options in the past, the research shows that telemarketing allows you to maximize your event’s full audience potential through timeliness, enhanced prospect information, and event content engagement.

The pluses of using a targeted outbound telemarking service

Personalization – Telemarketing is the most personal way to directly speak to potential invitees and create their personal engagement with the event.

Efficiency – Only individuals who are actually interested in this type of event are contacted: the right target audience list understands the event’s value.

Effectiveness – the TeleReach representative can confirm and process the registration in person over the phone, boosting the event’s attendance while improving the quality of attendee data.

Relationships – Relationships can be built and nurtured through the personal one-to-one communication offered by telemarketing…both before and after the event to boost sales opportunities and encourage repeat event attendance.

Depending on your needs, telemarketing promotions can align your company’s services and products with your event marketing strategy, and thus adding value to your brand and your company. For a proposal on supporting your event, contact traciec@telereach.com.

Email Support

The adoption of the smart phone as a basic business tool has only accelerated the use of email as the primary form of business communication. But the flood of emails typically received by a decision making executive can regularly exceed 250 each day!

While the cost of sending emails is virtually zero, getting lost in the flood of emails can reduce the value of your email to virtually zero, as well. How then to assure the emailed message supporting your event, promotion or request is recognized, opened, read, and acted upon?

Telephone marketing behind your email is a cost effective, proven way to highlight your email and engage your audience in your message. Additionally, it works to establish a personalized brand connection and opens an opportunity to answer questions and set an appointment.

Direct Mail Support

Many companies that rely heavily on direct mail to reach both existing customers and identified prospects. While the investment of time and resources to develop and send the direct mail piece to the attendant list can be considerable, response rates, and thus the return on investment, can suffer when they left the rate of response purely to the vagaries of the post office and competing commercial interests.

Telephone marketing to follow and support a direct mail campaign has been show to dramatically affect response rates. Calling after the mailing works to both draw attention to the mailing piece and establish a personalized brand connection, opening an opportunity to answer questions, further qualify the recipient and, if appropriate, set an appointment.