Congratulations! You are about to take the first step to your new career with TeleReach Corporate.

To apply for our Remote Lead Generation Specialist position:

STEP 1  Complete the Pre-Qualifier. To apply for our Remote Lead Generation Specialist position, begin by selecting your state (below), then click ’ Next’ and answer a few questions about your home office. Then attend an information teleconference. An invitation will be sent to the email you use to submit this Pre-Qualifier and the password to access the Candidate Forms.

STEP 2  Attend a Pre-Interview Teleconference. Attend the TeleReach Pre-interview Teleconference while following along with the TeleReach Corporate Presentation which can be accessed through the Candidate Forms link.

Click Here to View the Candidate Forms

STEP 3  Schedule InterviewAt the end of the teleconference, stay on the call to schedule your interview.

STEP 4  Verbal Resumé. Submit your verbal resumé by calling 713-866-6226 and following the instructions.

STEP 5 Submit Candidate Forms. Send the completed Independent Contractor Application and your written resumé to before your interview. Upon receipt of your completed Candidate Forms (Independent Contractor Application and written resumé) plus your verbal resumé, an email will be sent to you with a conference number to call for your scheduled interview.

STEP 6 – Attend Your Scheduled Interview. Follow the instructions you receive in your email to attend the interview. Note: The interviewer does not call you. You will call into a conference number, taking note of the time zone.