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Coaching And Learning Resources

Your success is the success of our company and our Clients. Your coaches will match your energy. As hard as you are willing to work for yourself and your goals, your coaches will work with you. A multitude of resources are available to our Lead Generation Specialists.

  • Live Coaches – Virtual or In Person
  • Resource Library – Including Recorded Lunch and Earns, Articles, Quizzes, Workshops and Worksheets, Technical Documentation Guides and Videos.  Topics Such as:
    • Attitude and Motivation
    • Best Practices
    • Goal Setting
    • Newsletters
    • Personal Growth and Development
    • Skill Building
    • Success
    • Technology
    • Technical/How To Documentation
    • Telecommuting
  • Live Individual and Group Shadowing
  • Client Recordings, Videos, Presentations and Meetings
    • Access to other BDS Appointment Sound Files.
    • Access to Example Appointment Sound Files
  • Daily Team Meetings:
    • Contests
    • Skill Building
    • Encouragement
  • New Weekly Lunch and Earns and access to the ones missed
  • In-person coaching is available in Houston (you will need to drive or fly to Houston)

Almost all of the meetings are virtual meetings and are held via video conference.  A conference call schedule is posted weekly, which contains a list of meetings. Meeting duration varies from 15 minutes to 1.5 hours depending on the nature of the meeting.

We work hard to make our meetings engaging and meaningful. We often include skill-building as well as other tips on how to succeed at Telereach Corporate. These meetings are not required, but we do provide compensation for participation as long as minimum requirements are met.