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Careers At TeleReach Corporate

In addition to having solid skills, we look for individuals who demonstrate professionalism and an ability to fit within a culture of self management. Successful telecommuting requires focus, commitment, self discipline and an exceptional work ethic. TeleReach Corporate team members are held to a high standard of professionalism.

Think the Ideal Job Does Not Exist? Think Again

TeleReach Corporation is a national telephone-marketing firm engaged exclusively in outbound business to business calls. We are always looking for self-starters interested in high earning telecommuting opportunities. Put your business to business sales and appointment setting experience to work making outbound calls from your home office.

What does the work entail?

Our Lead Generation Specialists work exclusively for business to business clients to:

  • Cold call to set sales appointments
  • Generate leads
  • Support business events, such as webinars or seminars
  • Talk to C-level executives (officers, directors, owners, and other decision makers)

The ability to handle and bounce back quickly from rejection is an important asset to have when working in this environment.

At TeleReach Corporate, we have a reporting matrix. Lead Generation Specialists report to Client Advocates for matters relating to the client and to Production Managers for matters associated with work schedules, general coaching, and call center operations.

TeleReach Corporate works with a wide range of industries. We strive to provide Lead Generation Specialists with a mix of programs so they can experience variety.

Other than new people, our Lead Generation Specialists work on a minimum of two programs and may be more, depending on how many hours you schedule for yourself. You must be current with your existing work and meeting minimum requirements in order to add additional programs.

What are the daily responsibilities?

In addition to setting appointments and generating leads, Lead Generation Specialists are responsible for:

  • Making 110 to 240 calls per day
  • Setting two to six appointments per day
  • Sending recorded calls to clients
  • Using the TeleReach Corporate CRM to update records in real time and send emails to prospects and clients
  • Attending occasional client meetings, which are almost always virtual
  • While not required, participating in
    o Daily production meetings
    o Participate in our famous Lunch and Earns

Please click on a sound clip to hear an example of how an appointment setting call sounds:

What are the expectations?

Lead Generation Specialists are expected to:

  • Make interactive phone calls using the scripts provided
  • Act as a representative of the client during the call, stating “we” instead of “they” when referring to the client company
  • Obtain a thorough knowledge of the client, product or service by reviewing provided materials (websites, quizzes, handouts, etc.)
  • Maintain control of the home office environment
  • Be available for client and TeleReach conference calls posted weekly
  • Schedule/forecast your shifts using the login scheduler
  • Notify management as early as possible if weekly production quota cannot be met
  • Exceed the minimum production requirements
  • Exceed standards set by the client/TeleReach Corporate contract performance requirements by:
    • Producing valid appointments
    • Providing quality conversation
    • Providing sound files that are professional, clear, two-way conversations that support the quality of the work
    • Adhering to the client’s production schedule

Launching Your Career

We’re excited about the idea of you joining our team. To get started, follow these steps:

1. Submit a mini application.

2. Attend an informational video conference.
(An invitation will be sent to the email you use to submit the mini application.)

3. Sign up for an interview at the end of the video conference.