Grow Your Sales Funnel with Qualified B2B Leads

If your sales team is wasting time chasing cold leads, you’re likely not seeing the results you need. It takes a skilled effort to run an effective lead generation, prospect qualification and appointment setting program at the scale needed to fill your sales pipeline.

At TeleReach Corporate, we provide sales teams like yours with qualified B2B leads, so they can focus on closing the sale instead of prospecting. Our experienced team of appointment setters generate thousands of leads for sales teams like yours. And we are compensated based on performance, not activity.

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How Does TeleReach Work?

  • We work with you to understand your current sales challenges and identify the best way to support your sales team. We do this through integrated marketing that aligns with your sales strategy and utilizes such tools as LinkedIn, list development, email marketing and direct mail follow-ups, lead generation and appointment setting.
  • We work with you to identify your target market and target audience, define lead qualification parameters and scope your needs based on your sales goals.
  • We establish the hand-off process for your sales team – whether that’s live sales call transfers, appointments or qualified leads.
  • Working together we can determine whether additional list development is needed to meet your goals.
  • Then our experienced calling team gets to work.

Quit Wasting Time Chasing Leads. Get Started Today!

In the B2B space, human to human contact is often the only way to connect with decision-makers – and there’s still no better way to qualify leads than getting someone on the phone! TeleReach can leverage your sales teams’ selling skills, ending wasted time and missed opportunities.

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